Download new version of Firefox 5 Beta

Mozilla set off the first beta upcoming version 5 of Firefox for the public which has been delayed by few weeks, but it does not has big changes or we can say that it is not exactly according to our expectations. Basically it is a big scrap of previous version with additional features.

In this new version you can easily switch from Aurora to Beta builds, moreover, there is a support system for CSS animation, a relocated header within HTML code, performance improvements for Canvas 2D, JavaScript, memory usage and networking performance. It also provides standards support for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL and canvas has been enhanced.

It is not sure that if it is the final look for Firefox 5 or not because we were looking forward to much more than this. For example we were waiting for interface improvement nets including Web App tabs and a new account manager.

I think there needs to be more communication about the ongoing development to spark the kind of enthusiasm which Google is building for Chrome.

You can download Firefox 5 Beta here.

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