Download some awesome iPad apps for Business

You must have heard a phrase “the proof of pudding is in its eating”. The iPad may lack a keyboard, but it’s already starting to prove itself as a viable business tool, as evidenced by the rapidly growing number of apps aimed at worker bees.

Here are some awesome iPad business apps which we are going to introduce you:

  • Adobe Ideas: Free your inner artist with this free digital sketchbook, which provides a basic set of vector-based drawing tools. Draw freehand or import a photo and modify it. Either way, Ideas can pull the colors from that image and generate a specialized palette  very cool. Finished sketches are converted to PDF for e-mail or other destinations.
  • GoodReader: A good document viewer is essential to the iPad experience. GoodReader lets you view PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets, Word documents, and text files, and it can pull them from your PC (via Wi-Fi), Google Docs, Dropbox, and other services. The app’s currently on sale for just 99 cents.
  • iPrinter: Apple may well add printing capabilities to iPhone OS 4.0, but what about going the other direction? With iPrinter, you “print” from your PC or Mac to the iPad, thus making any printed documents mobile (and paperless).
  • MobileNoter: If you’re a Microsoft OneNote user, this should make your day MobileNoter syncs with OneNote. That means you can view and edit existing notes and notebooks on your iPad, create new ones, and sync everything over Wi-Fi. The app is free, though MobileNoter’s sync service costs $15 annually.
  • Roambi: The ultimate app for data geeks, Roambi turns complex analytics into gorgeous interactive graphs and charts. Seriously, gorgeous. Amazingly, the Roambi service is free, as is the app.


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