Download Team Speak For Android – New Beta Free Application

Teamspeak is a great new voice chat program that was developed for the Android platform. The developers who delivered solution online voice chat for over 1o years now. The company has now Introduced the Android OS in the list of supported OS for his huge voice chat program. This app allows you to chat in the same way, some online tools such as Ventrilo, Mumble and allow you to connect to their servers. The app connects to the Teamspeak server and then you can talk to any of your friends on the server, on an individual basis or in groups.

TeamSpeak software enables groups of people to speak with one another over any platform or operating system. For over 10 years TeamSpeak has become among the preferred voice chat solutions for online gamers, friends and family, and small businesses world-wide.

Most TeamSpeak users typically connect to their guild or clan’s TeamSpeak server to chat with fellow team mates, discuss strategy in real-time, or facilitate online events. TeamSpeak software allows groups of people to talk to each other on any platform or operating system. Already more than 10 years TeamSpeak has become the most popular voice chat solutions for online gamblers, friends and family, and small businesses around the world. TeamSpeak most users typically connect to their guild or clan server TeamSpeak chat with other team-mates to discuss strategy in real time, or to facilitate online transactions.

With this app and TeamSpeak’s cross-platform design you can connect to any TeamSpeak server running on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems and chat with users running the TeamSpeak client on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android. TeamSpeak for Android is optimized to enhance your mobile device experience and keeps you connected with your peers while you’re on-the-go.TeamSpeak Ventrilo works the same way, and Mambo, but not Skype.

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You must be connected to TeamSpeak 3 is able to communicate with others using TeamSpeak (a direct link between the users is not possible). List of public servers, download the TeamSpeak client Windws, Mac or Linux, and select Connectivity with Server List, or contact the clan / guild / group administrator of the server connection information. You can rent your own private server, a single global provider Authorized TeamSpeak Host

File Size: 2.4 MB
Download Team Speak Below



TeamSpeak Features:

  1. Local accounting available
  2. Connectivity available from multiple servers
  3. Push to talk (PTT) and voice commands
  4. Identity Management
  5. Information about channel and the reader
  6. Player Status Notifications
  7. Price: Free

Requires: Android version 2.2 and up

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