Download Zip Browser for iOS to view zipped files

iOS always had limitations with its inability to open zipped or compressed files. But now there are some applications in the market which can be used to open zipped or compressed files in your iOS. Zip Browser is one of those applications in the market. Zip Browser was released in back August 2011 and now its updated version is available in market to download.

Zip Browser includes the following features:

  • It can get files from email attachments
  • It can search inside archives
  • It can access files through iTunes Sharing
  • It can view files like:
    • PDF files
    • Text files
    • Images
    • Microsoft word files
    • Microsoft excel files
  • It can send several files from archive to email
  • It can open files in other applications
  • And it can also show/hide system files.

Zip Browser Pro also allows viewing content of zip, rar, gz, tar, tar.gz, jar, bz2, z files. Zip Browser is a universal app and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and also iPod Touch. It would have been nice if Zip Browser app allowed users to save photos to the camera roll.

Below are few versions of Zip Browsers for download, check them:

 Download Free Version!!!

Download Free Version Zip Browser!!!

Download Paid Version Zip Browser Pro!!! and Zip Browsers are free versions of Zip Browsers to download but Zip Browser Pro is available in paid version yet. So, download your required Zip Browser app version and solve the problem of viewing zipped files in your iOS device.

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