Dragon Dictation By Nuance Communications For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Free Download

A company called Nuance, famous for created the well known voice recognition software. Recently, company has released an iPhone Application, which is pure words into editable text. iPhone Dragon Dictation, you can send the transcribed text in a text message or e-mail, or copy text from other applications to connect. It promises a speed increases up to 500 percent over the iPhone keyboard to type, but not yet deliver the speed and accuracy comparable to desktop applications. A new auto-save feature saves your dictation by the same, so even if your dictation session is interrupted by an incoming phone call, you will not lose anything when you answer the call.
Multilingual support is coming soon. Even if the application is currently supported only in the U.S. and British English, the company plans to add support for dictation Germany later this month. Users can switch languages ​​are supported as they are available.

iTunes Reviews:

“It’s understood everything I’ve said. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been driving and wanted to text someone but couldn’t. This app is great!!!”
“For me Dragon dictation is a game changing application. The accuracy is outstanding and it’s very easy to use. I immediately notified everyone I know with an iPhone to pick up this application while it’s still free.”
“I can’t believe my iPhone can do this. Accuracy is amazingly good and transcription is very fast. You can’t even tell that transcription is being done online. I’m very very impressed.”

Download Dragon Dictation For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Below:




Dragon Dictate iPhone App Features:

• Voice-to-text transcription, which can send text messages, e-mail or to connect any application to the clipboard
• Submit the text of the application of social networks – Twitter and Facebook
• The editing practice that returns a list of suggested words
• Voice driven correction interface

Dragon requirements dictated iPhone App:

1. First Dragon Dictate requires a network connection (WiFi or 3G/EDGE).
2. Dragon Dictate works on iPad, the iPhone and iPod Touch second and third generation (external microphone).

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