Dreamboard is now Available Free For Download

Dreamboard is now available for free download – Dream Board is a familiar jailbreak allows users to tweak the iPhone / iPod Touch to change the default theme for iPhone something that looks like Android (HTC Sense-like), and Windows 7 Phone OS ( WP7). But there are also many other issues on the iPhone Dream Board Shop. Well, then this is your chance to dream board becomes FREE now after previously priced $2.99.

“DreamBoard lets you place anything from widgets to apps where ever you want. Theming is no longer limited to just icons, or having to resort to complicated setup themes involving Iconoclasm, SpringJumps, etc.”

Another competitor is Dreamboard Winterboard, but believe me they both work differently. DreamBoard handles through the application of the topics in a deeper sense it is radically changing the entire user interface. However, it has required each time you change Respring issues and not have to install a turn one again jailbreak Dreamboard topic.

How to Use Dreamboard Theme’s?

Just start the Dreamboard, and the desired theme, touch apply, and you zoom into a whole new theme. Just what is mentioned above, is not a resprings deaf or reboots necessary. It ‘s simple.

Still curious? Then watch some videos demoing Dreamboard awesomeness below..

Once again, Dreamboard is now free and there is sometimes leaked to the download link you can get a Dream Board. When your iPhone is unlocked, simply the head of Cydia and search for Dream ModMyi advice from the archive. Initially, you get a free copy of the theme which is similar to the iPhone Android Sense HTC theme for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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