Dropkick for Mac and iPad is Now Available for Download

If you need a simple to do list for your Mac and iPad then here is a new app, Dropkick, has been released in App store which will wirelessly syncs to your Mac and iPad with its companion apps. It is a simple task management app for iPad and it is compatible with iPad running iOS 4.3 or higher.

It is sold separately for Mac and iPad and you don’t need to be on the same network. You can easily put in tasks at your desk with secure syncing over the internet and pick up where you left off on-the-go. Through this app you can also add your tasks and get things done.

By using this app you have the option of easily drag and drop prioritization and it is free for try for as long as you like with up to10 tasks at a time. Systematize tasks into lists like Personal, Work, Grocery list or Vacation. Now this app is available through the App Store in the free of cost and also can download from here.  


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