EA is providing their top iOS Games Free for Christmas Holidays

Electronic Arts investing in a mobile games for a long time, and many of the EA games are hit on Apple store. The most top rated games of EA are FIFA 12, NBA Jam, Dead Space etc… With the collaboration of system to iOS ports and original content made exclusively for iOS (Max & the Magic Marker, Fantasy Safari), Electronic Arts has become one of the hottest game designers for the iPhone and iPad.

Now that we are moving into the holiday season, Electronic Arts is beginning to feel the Christmas spirit and highlights new deals free on their most popular games. They are listed Below..!!! Download Free and Enjoy….

Fantasy Safari:
Fantasy Safari
Download Fantasy Safari Free for iPhone/iPad
Fantasy Safari ha been touched by Christmas Magic! Upgrade now for our joyful Christmas theme such as special holiday creatures, unique christmas decorations, and more! Electronic Arts has also made some background modifications to improve general game play.

Road Trippin:
Road Trippin
Download Road Trippin Free for iPhone/iPad
Upgrade now for all-new Combo Packages & Fun New Items! Get the greatest Road Trippin’ yet!

Enhance your ride with all new combo packs:

  • Get your motor runnin’ with the Top quality Starter Pack.
  • Conquer the roads of America with the Road Warrior Pack.
  • Give your journey some wings with the Pegasus My Ride Pack.

NFS SHIFT 2 Unleashed:
NFS SHIFT 2 Unleashed
Download Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed Free for iPhone/iPad
GET 2 NEW QUICK RACE TRIALS! Download now to feast your need for more pace with our first high-velocity up-date.

  • 2 New Fast Battle Test Servings on Source (that’s 10 usable events!)
  • Enhanced Retina Present for list displays
  • More audio to get you pumped-up!

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