Enhance efficiency of your phone with Power Clean (Booster & Clean):

Power clean is a fast, small and completely free of cost app. It enables the users to clean and boost up the speed of the phone. It serves several functions to the people, for instance; frees up the storage, removes unnecessary Apps, strengthen the privacy of the device and make it work just the way it was new.

Functions offered by the app:

The app is capable of providing following services to the Android device users.

  • App manager: You can uninstall the apps that are not needed and you can keep a backup of the important apps. Lock the apps to enhance the privacy.
  • Memory boost: Clean the RAM and optimize speed of your phone with one tap only. Auto stop is there to prohibit apps to waste the battery life.
  • Junk clean: Get rid of the old junk files and browser history and get the free storage in your phone.

Information of device:

It allows you to:

  • See CPU memory status, ROM, camera and hardware features in one swipe.
  • Keeps track of the battery temperature, storage space and RAM.
  • It prohibits the apps to waste battery of the life.

 You can free download Power Cleaner app from Google Play Store here.

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