Enjoy all new version of AppendMe with several new features and upgrades

AppendMe is a wonderful social media app that brings together many prominent features of all the platforms of mainstreams to amuse the users in best possible manner. The app enables the users to enjoy the built in chat sessions, buttons to express feeling e.g. like, dislike, time management system to prevent wastage of time, complete privacy and so on. Let us discuss some of the upcoming features as well as upgrades that are offered with the new version of AppendMe.

Upcoming features of AppendMe:

Underlined features of the app will be enjoyed by the users of the app:

  • Easier navigation
  • Tagging
  • Background picture for chatting screen
  • Sign up
  • Bug fixes

Upgrades offered in the new version of AppendMe:

Following are the upgrades that will be offered in the new version of this wonderful app:

  • Trending posts will be announced
  • Navigation through the categories will be done in easier and faster
  • The app supports various languages like Arabic, Spanish, and Russian etc.
  • The app enables the users to upload longer videos
  • You will be able play videos on home page

In case, you want to enjoy all these features, then all you need to do is to download this app and make use of these features.

You can free download AppendMe from Google Play Store and Apple App Store here. Read more about AppendMe on official website appendme.com

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