Entwining Fun With Challenges – A WhacksThat Review

An exciting rendition of many previously designed games blended together to bring about WhacksThat, this fun app is one that has an abundance of features bringing to balance an appropriate degree of challenge and entertainment. This iPhone app highlights the use of swiping and tapping controls in order to move through levels. There are two main modes which users can switch through to experience different settings of the game app one of which is relaxed and untimed, hence enabling users to relax and unwind. The objective of the game is to collect as much candy as possible.

WhacksThat iPhone Game

With a slew of undesirable creatures and beings abundantly placed at strategic positions in each of the 24 demanding levels available, difficulty levels of three forms are provided with the absence of ‘easy’ and an addition of ‘insane’ instead. With progression through the levels, bonus items are added with which’s accumulation, users can ride higher above on the high scoring lists. Essentially the levels all take place in a house which comprises of six different areas. Being in 3D contributes to the stunning display of graphics. That teamed up with engaging music as well as stunning sound effects, adds a vibe of light hearted, fun and gripping humor to the app. I would also like to share an inside news that, free version of Whacks is available soon on iTunes.

The hideous creatures that make up the main encumbrance in the game-play are a variety of superhuman creatures in the shape of moles and other creations. The mechanics of the game involve the division of each level into three sections in order to heighten the user’s experience of the play. Prior to the commencement of the game, a short and easy-to-follow tutorial enables first time users to get an idea of the app. Easy and smooth controls make up the major attraction of the game and with the abundance of available instructions and hints which can be referred back to before or during the game.

Watch Demo Video of WhackThats iPhone Game:

The app currently stands for a pricing of $1.99 in the iTunes Sore with plenty of excited users’ reviews pushing their way through. Many recommend the app and there are even those who go so far as to say that this app is one of the few ones which should not be available free of charge, because all good things come with a price.

You can download WhacksThat from iTunes here.

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