Facebook introduces Facebook Messenger for iPhone

Facebook introduced a new iPhone application, a dedicated Facebook Messenger client to help you with your instant messaging. Unfortunately, this is not a Universal Binary, so you are limited to two pieces blurry on the iPad (the same as the regular Facebook application … until they finally launch Facebook for iPad). Post-Hardcore to Facebook users on the go, it will probably be appreciated.
Unlike chat site, Facebook Messenger with almost all the friends who have installed the app is online and accessible at all times. No need to check if a green dot. Thank you to push notifications, just check whether a mobile iPhone icon next to their name. If you and your friends all have the new application, you will save on the costs of SMS.

Download Facebook Messenger for iPhone Free
There are 2 advantages of using Facebook Messenger application.

  1. It includes SMS as an option when sending a message.
  2. It is based on your Facebook contacts with phone numbers rather than the contact list of the iPhone.

reduce the chance that you are out of date or incorrect phone number. Other services are combined with text messages before, so the Facebook Messenger, is not entirely new to this.

What makes it special for most people is that it operates its Facebook network. One of the advantages often overlooked is that Facebook is a central source of information about your friends, including their phone numbers, email addresses and location. If you want to send a text message to a friend, but you do not have his phone number in your phone, you can quickly send a message to Facebook instead.

Main features:

  • Message friends, friends or someone in your mobile phone contacts
  • Map your location, find friends and make plans to go
  • Get mobile communications, so you never miss a message
  • Include photos so friends can see what you are doing

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