Facebook Video Calling Now Available

Facebook has introduced a video-calling feature in partnership with Skype. And we all know that Skype is the popular Internet video chat provider. Facebook has introduced this video chat feature just after a week Google launched its Google+ project to the users.

Facebook just began turning that service on for millions of users and will add it to more accounts over time. Keep in mind that Facebook’s new video feature does not allow for group chats. However, Skype CEO noted that the partnership with Facebook will bring up more new features later, such as group calling or paid features like calling to landlines.

 CHECK OUT HERE, if you have video calling feature available? Because it is not available to all users yet.

If video calling feature is available to you, you will see this:

If not you will see this:

For those who can use it, Click on “Get Started”. You will need to install a program.  The install option will pop up when you click on the Camera icon on the upper right corner of your chat box window. It will ask you to download the file and run it after downloading.

Now you are ready to use Facebook Video Chat features, HAVE FUN!!!

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