Feeddler RSS Reader for iPhone available for Download

Feeddler uses exactly the same view layout files, such as Google Reader. I love it, even if just a little feature – it just feels comfortable and feels like things are where I want and ask them to be, because I spend much time with on my Google Reader MacBook as well.
It also has in common with GReader a very plain and basic overall look to its feed lists and individual feed item listings. I like this a lot as well.
Feeddler is a fast and highly customizable Google Reader client, who remains in perfect sync to Google, and features the stories of RSS clean interface. Feeddler is a Universal application, which supports iPhone, iPod touch. The free version is supported by banner ads.
Feeddler uses the icon “Share” standard (the one with the envelope and the arrow used in the Photos application, for example), then press the button for “Mark all as read”. It’s a bit weird, but it is well positioned in the lower right and works great.

Download Feeddler RSS Reader For iPhone Free

It works well both vertically and horizontally. I like the landscape seems to prefer a faster to navigate between folders and feeds, and I like popover box of individual articles.

What’s New in Version 1.10

  • Fixed IOS 4.0 and 4.1 support for the iPhone
  • Added extra large font
  • Other minor bug fixes

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