Few Tips To increase Your PC Speed

Even the best of PCs can feel the heat once you overload them with redundant data and applications that you use only once in light years!!! PC speed and performance can both go down massively.

Computers, no matter how strong a configuration, need regular maintenance both in terms of hardware as well as their operating system. Ignore it for long and you risk a computer that works like a snail or doesn’t work at all. Something similar happened with my computer too!

I left it unattended for as long as I used it, only to find that recently it stopped responding to basic commands such as refresh or copy-paste. I scouted for more information on the net regarding what possible could have gone wrong with my PC, only to find that it has been a doing of my own. Had I taken proper care of computer’s memory and processor, nothing like what I faced could have troubled me.

If you are reading this article, chances are high that you are looking to better your PC Speed as well. I suggest you read this article.

A Few PC Speed Tricks That Helped Me

Nothing works better than a well kept memory. If it is optimized and judiciously used, half of your performance related issues will stay away. Keep in mind, the amount of free space decides how well the processor works. Give the processor free space and it will carry on its high performance. Burden your hard disk with redundant applications and data and you push the processor to its limits and consequentially performance goes down. Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall all the programs that you don’t use. Look for duplicates and delete them. If you don’t want to do this manually, try one of the PC speed up tools.

Secondly, optimize your PC for the start ups to get better speed. For this go to System Configuration and identify the applications that you want to boot at the start up. Unselect all the other applications. Restart your PC to set the changes and experience a faster PC speed. You may try different PC Software to do this for you as well.

Most importantly, get a reliable anti-virus program to identify and delete viruses from your PC. Even if you do everything right and leave viruses on the PC, its performance would show little or no improvement. Viruses not only consume processing power for reproducing themselves and spreading across the storage, they also eat up memory.

In case of my computer, start up optimization had a huge impact on the PC speed. Ever since I have been keeping the number of application limited to only those which I really need.

To better your PC speed, you can try the aforementioned tips and they should work if there are no hardware issues troubling you instead. You may try top ten antivirus to safe the computer from viruses. Some of best free antivirus are also available for free download.

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