Firemint latest Game SPY Mouse for iPhone Free Downlaod

Firemint released its latest Game recently. The Game named as Spy Mouse, is the Best Game released on August 2011. In this game player have to guide an Agent Squeak through 72 Levels on 6 Worlds, to collect cheese.
SPY mouse follows the exploits an agent Squeak when he tries to free some cheese from capricious fascist oppressors. Or something like that. In practice, this means that trace a path to the small double-o to direct it to the dangers of cheese and out. Instead of managing multiple targets, you will be controlling Squeak exclusive agent, which require entirely new strategies in relation to what the fans are probably used fire Mint. This includes the completion of a level by drawing a single line that will never be discovered and so on.

There are some boring sections, but nothing that will make you tear your hair, and most levels are designed well and can say Firemint must have to do a lot of work to improve. I don’t want to give too much information on the measures, but let’s say there are many devices to use and even some boss battles really neat. The difficulty curve is there, but one or two small points.

Firemint latest Game SPY Mouse for iPhone Free Downlaod

All this enthusiasm is a wonderfully vibrant world that encompasses more variety than you can understand the six worlds. Each presents new concepts that will make your life easier, but they are also excluded from the fun, “Boss” mixed phases of the game with a stealth fast action-packed episodes followed by boss.

The design with its charming elegant and complex challenges, SPY Mouse still a great release of Firemint that feels comfortable on a touch-based device anywhere.

Watch SPY Mouse Trailer

For players with a little patience can be acquired for free via the SPY Mouse new App Week promotion at Starbucks. Starting Tuesday, August 30 Starbucks will give the mouse Spy redemption codes for free on all U.S. locations.

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