First Look New Android world phone, expected to launch in 2011 has just received exclusive photos of a new HTC Android phone that will not be released by Verizon till 2011. A world phone is a dual-radio CDMA/GSM device (CDMA is what Sprint and Verizon use; GSM is what T-Mobile, AT&T and the rest of the world use.) That means the phone can be used outside the USA with a local SIM card, and it’s something that Android is sorely lacking.

Hardware specs include a 4″ screen, 4-row sliding QWERTY keyboard, and it is guessed to run a 1.2 Ghz processor. However, this was clearly an early build and specs may change by the time it launches.

The device will sport a 4-inch display, a spring-loaded slide-out QWERTY with buttons sitting on a read surface, and at least a 1.2GHz processor. Here r some pictures released by by ADroidian, who and is one of the organizers of The Big Android BBQ.thumb_450_htc3new-htc-verizon-2

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