Free BlackBerry Strom Unlocking App

Today I found unlocking app for my Blackberry strom and like to share with my friends. Because I think many people’s searching for free BlackBerry unlocking app like me, So I like to share with those peoples may be its one of you. While I was searching unlocking app I found a same app for $ 29. You may check it out here.

But I m not ready to buy because like most of other peoples I m searching for something free. At last I found a free BlackBerry strom unlocking app and I m surprise to see that it’s really absolutely free.
You can download free Blackberry strom unlocking app from here.
How to install:

To install BlackBerry strom unlocking app on your BlackBerry, first download the install file to your PC. Connect your BlackBerry smart phone to your PC, Open your BlackBerry device manager (If still you don’t have BlackBerry manager download BlackBerry file manger from here.) click Application loader. Choose StormUnlock.alx and install. Reboot your phone and you can find Storm Unlock in Download.

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When first launching Storm Unlock, you should go to Option Storm Unlock and set your password.
Application Features:
·    1. Totally free.
·    2. Easy to use.
·    3. Auto-launches when background lights dims.
Operating System:  4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Touch Screen
Minimum Requirements: 4.7
Display Dimensions: 360×480

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