Free Download 1Weather Android App – Get updated weather forecast

There are many people who keep checking weather forecasts, especially people belonging to the coldest regions of world. Now such people can also check weather forecasts on their Android phones, because a new Android app has just arrived in Android Market, named “1Weather”.

1Weather Android app is developed by OneLouder Apps. 1Weather is the most beautiful and best weather app seen in the market. 1Weather offers an unmatched combination of style and functionality in an easy to use package. It’s a FREE app and you can easily access real time weather information and forecasts for virtually any location in the world, plus see weather related tweets from your area to see what real people are saying about the current weather conditions. Well, this is Cool!!!

















Additionally, 1Weather provides a full set of of accurate and up to the minute weather information, including animated maps and radar, daily weather alarms and severe condition alerts so that you can proactively prepare for changing conditions.

Free Download 1Weather Android App – HERE

 1Weather is free for you, just download and check weather forecasts yourself. 1Weather Android app is currently only available for users in US. For those who are outside US can download from this link, given below:

Free Download 1Weather Android App (for users outside US) – HERE

















So, download this amazing app and get benefit form it anywhere and anytime you need. 1Weather Android App is limited to higher end Android Smartphones with high resolution screen.



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