Free Download All-Time Top iPad Apps

Today we are going to give you a list of top ten most downloded free iPad apps of all time, which Apple has recently released.  Because it may not always reflect the quality of each App, it does indicate their popularity. So, below is the list of apps ans you can easily download them from our provided links. Have a look: 

  • Pandora

Pandora on the iPad is great for listening to music while you browse, or catch up on your RSS feeds. You simply search for the artist or music you want to listen to and hit play. There’s a lot to listen to on Pandora radio, and it’s a free App worth taking a look at.


  • Google Mobile App

Much like Google Mobile for iPhone, Google mobile for iPad gives you a suite of Google applications within a single iPad App. You can search the internet with pictures and voice, logos and more. Heck, this thing even solves Sudoku puzzles. That’s reason enough to check it out.


  • Movies

Check movie showtimes and whats coming both in the theater and to home video. You can check out what’s topping in the box office or view trailers for movies if you want to know what they are about. The App also includes Rotten Tomatoes ratings, which helps to give you an idea of how well-received the movie is by critics.


  • Google Earth

This is always a cool application because it may be the closest we get to seeing some of these places that are way off on the other side of the world. Traveling by plane is kind of a hassle these days, and this is much easier.


  • Yelp

If you do like traveling, especially on the road, this may be the App for you. Yelp helps you find restaurants, bars, hotels and gas stations nearby based on your location. Apps like this one quickly become a traveler’s best friend in unfamiliar territory.


  • Fandango

Like the popular Fandango website, this application allows you to purchase movie tickets online, this time through your iDevice. You can also sort movies by genre, MPAA rating and format.


  • Remote

Remote for iPhone has long been a favorite App of ours. When it came to iPad, it got even better, because searching for movies on Apple TV was much faster with a the larger keyboard. Anyone who has had to use the stock remote that comes with Apple TV knows that it’s a pain. This App is for those users.


  • iBooks

Apple talks pushes this App and it’s actually one of their selling points, it’s strange to actually see this application so low on the list. Then again, we rarely use it for reading books ourselves. However, the ability to read PDF files makes it more than worth the free download.


  • Bible

The Bible is one of the most well-known and most-purchased books ever. It’s no surprise that the Bible is a popular download on the App Store.


  • Solitaire

This App is free, and it’s a very popular card game that almost everybody has on their computer. Then why not on iPad.


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