Free Download, Android Apps for Christmas Season

Today I am going to tell you about some cool Android application for Christmas, to spice up your Christmas Season. These applications are specially designed for Christmas, and surely they will put your Android phone in the Christmas mood.


  • Christmas Snow Live Wallpapers

During Christmas Season many decorative live wallpaper come up, and this wallpaper brings you a snowy Christmas, live and right on your Android homescreen. The Christmas Snow Live wallpaper stays on your Android lockscreen as well.

Download Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper!!!

  • Turkey Timer

Christmas Turkey is an important part of Christmas. A Christmas Turkey that tastes good, makes people happy. So, now bring perfection to your Turkey with this app. This app allows you to time the turkey cooking properly. The only thing it requires is the weight of the turkey, and it automatically calculates the cooking time of the turkey and gives you an alarm when your Turkey is cooked.

Download Turkey Timer!!!

  • Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a best way to interact with your family and friends during Christmas. Christmas is the time of the year you get to meet friends and family more often. However, you may not be able to make it around to see everyone, but you can at least send those family members a really nice Christmas card.

Download Greeting Cards!!!

  • Christmas Countdown

What is a better way to welcome Christmas than a countdown widget on your phone? It tells you exactly how far away Christmas is, and it can tell you in lots of different units of time. The app can countdown in hours, days, minutes and even heartbeats. You can also choose a wallpaper to display behind the countdown.

Download Christmas Countdown!!!

  • Christmas Coloring Book

This coloring book for Christmas is a great way to get kids even more in the Christmas spirit. It can fill colors into images, and there are 11 images to choose. Colors can be chosen from a palette, and applied to the book, just like a real coloring book.

Download Christmas Coloring Book!!!

  • Talking Santa for Christmas

The “Talking” series is extremely popular and started with the Talking Tomcat. This series has at least ten apps that will surprise you. You can have some fun this Christmas season using one of the most popular apps from the talking series the Talking Santa. Talking Santa will repeat whatever you say in its own Santa voice, and it will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Download Talking Santa!!!

Hope all of you may get a little extra Christmas joy with these Android apps. Merry Christmas!

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