Free Download Color for Facebook Android App & let people know about you in real time

Everyone is now aware of how to update status on Facebook, upload photos and videos. And now it’s a way too old for people. It’s a time when people want to try something new with Facebook.

So, what if your Facebook friends can see what’s happening live? Yes now this is possible with “Colors for Facebook” a new Android app. This cool Android app allows you to update your Facebook status with a LIVE broadcast. Color is a live broadcast from your Android phone. No hassles to make videos, then edit and upload. It’s a simple new way to connect to your friends on Facebook.


















Your friends can “Visit” you from their phones, their Facebook feeds, or on your personal profile and can see what are you doing in real time. You can chose which friends can access the feature, so no need to worry about privacy.

Must try this new app for Android and go LIVE for your friends. The idea is cool, so try this new kind of sharing. Color for Facebook Android App even works on 3G network.

Free Download “Color for Facebook” Android App HERE


Do tell us how you find this Android app and stay tuned to us for more new and cool apps, news and updates.


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