Free Download Flipboard for your iPhone, including new features now

Flipboard became very favorite when it came out for iPad last year. And now iPhone version of Flipboard is also available for users.  

 What is Flipboard?

Flipboard is a popular magazine style news application. Flipboard actually allows users to flip through a single feed of articles and photos that have been shared across various social networks. It can also display stories from a variety of news categories including technology, design, Flipboard picks, photography, business, sports, style, travel, food and more. Flipboard explains cover stories. The user interface of Flipboard is among the best of interfaces we’ve ever seen on a casual news application.

Check out this video, to know more about Flipboard:

Flipboard for iPhone is now available to download in market.


Checkout Flipboards latest enhancehment:

With Flipboard for iPhone we’re introducing Cover Stories. Think of Cover Stories as the feed to check when you’re in line at the coffee shop, commuting on the train or just hanging out at home. It contains a constantly updated selection of interesting articles and photos being shared with you right now.

Cover Stories come from all your Flipboard tiles, including social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As you add more sources to your Flipboard, their posts will begin to appear in your Cover Stories.

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