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Among other features of Mac App Store, it also has feature of the notification system that informs you when there is some update about any of your apps. But as we’ve seen that, unless you buy all your apps through the Mac App Store, you won’t receive notice of updates to apps purchased or download outside the store.

So, today I am going to tell you people about a very handy widget that automatically scours the net for updates to installed apps on your Mac. AppUpdate is the brainchild of Georg Kaindl and with the click of a button searches three software tracking sites: Apple’s Downloads page, MacUpdate, and Version Tracker.

After running the widget, you’ll see links all the updates to the apps on your Mac. You’ll still have to click the links to go to the app’s download pages, but running this widget is a lot less time-consuming than going to all of the software tracking sites and entering your apps manually, or even running the “Check for Updates” menu command that many apps offer.

You can free download AppUpdate, and keep your Mac apps up-to-date. DOWNLOAD HERE

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