Free Google Talk Messanger For BlackBerry

Today i m sharing a great experience of BlackBerry google talk messanger. It’s also a free BlackBerry app as we previously provide free BlackBerry apps and free software’s. This BlackBerry google talk messenger delivers a fast and reliable messaging experience while you are on the go.1 From your BlackBerry phone, you can chat with friends about plans for the weekend, instantly share photos from tonight’s party, and always be part of the conversation.

Update your availability status so your contacts know what you’re up to.
Snap pictures using the built-in camera and share them with your Google Talk contacts.
Chat with multiple contacts or participate in multiple conversations at the same time.
Change or update your profile picture directly from your BlackBerry smartphone.
Set up audio alerts to let you know when new messages have arrived.
Enjoy virtual real-time chat from almost anywhere on your BlackBerry smartphone.


Following are the system requirement for BlackBerry smartphone.
A wireless data service plan from your wireless service provider
Requires BlackBerry Device Software v4.2 or higher.
If your device is connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, your IT Department must have IT Policy set to allow Google Talk functionality
A Gmail User ID and password. You can obtain a Gmail UserID and password by being invited by a friend who has one or by entering your mobile phone number at A wireless data service plan from your wireless service provider.

You can:
Download Directly From Your Smartphone.

Download through BlackBerry App World.

Download through your desktop computer.

Keep in touch and up to date your self with latest technology.

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