Free iPhone SMS Backup Software

SMS (Short Message Service) is a communications service that enables you to exchange of short text or alphanumeric messages between mobile phones or other mobile devices. From the past few years SMS is being used widely in most of the mobile data applications throughout the world. According to serve more than 78% of all mobile phone users sending and receiving text messages on their mobile phones.

SMS is very important thing for you. What about when ever you lost your SMS, its mean you lost all your personal data like your wife or girlfriends SMS, your moms SMS, your computer technician’s number and lastly, but by no means, least, your work contacts. That’s a horrible feeling.

So you must need to backup your iPhone SMS. Today I search a free iPhone SMS backup software for you with complete guide. You can download free iPhone SMS backup software from here.

After downloading iPhone SMS backup fallow these steps:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer or mac.
Step 2: Open the downloaded Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS software, the SMS contact information will displayed as shown in you iPhone screen automatically as shown in figer 1. Click on certain contact you want to open, all SMS records from him or her will be display as shown in fig 2.



Step 3: In fig 1 as shown above, you can click the button “Copy ALL SMS” to copy SMS from all iPhone contacts, then select these option:
1:You may choose file type: backup to TXT file or ANTS file;
2:You may choose file path: Where do you want to save you SMS backup file, do nothing if you choose defaulth path;
3:You may choose advanced option: If you select ANTS format in step 1, you may add a password to protect the file. To finish the copy click button.


Step 4: In fig 1 as shown above, you can click button “Copy SMS From who” to copy sms from a single contact, select options:
1: You may choose file type: You can only select TXT file formay in single contact sms transfer;
2: You may choose file path: where to store the backup file, do nothing if you choose default path;
3: You may choose advance option: Disabled in single contact sms transfer.
To finish the copy click button.

Keep in touch download free software’s and up to date your self.

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    Found a nice little tool called ‘iTwin’ made by a german guy. Saves contacts, sms, calender, notes … nicely done! It is a PC program, but I’am running it on VirtualBox (Mac).

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    I downloaded the program and it wouldn’t work until I registered it. I went to the website of the software creator and to make the program work I would have to pay $19.95. You said in your article above that the program is free. You lied.

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