Get Summify for Summary of your Social News Feeds

Now a days everyone is quite busy in their daily lives. And in this busy life it is difficult to remain socialised and informed. Although Facebook, Twitter, and Google made it quite easy for us to be socilaised and informed of things, but our busy lives still inhibits. So “Summify” is the cure of it. It’s really cool to use it.

Reading is easy but finding good stuff to read isn’t, you have to cut through all the webby fat to get an interesting article. Summify combs your Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader habits, it peaks at data and analyses your social networks and sends an e-mail with 5 articles to read per day.

So, what does Summify do?  At its core, the service goes through the mass of content available on the web on a daily basis, then finds five articles that it thinks are the most relevant to your interests.  It’s kind of like having your own content curator, except everything’s done via an algorithm that analyzes your social graphs and the kind of data coursing through them.

By surfing your feeds and quietly culling from your friends, the Web app provides a nicely packaged, streamlined version of The Web That Matters to Only You. The basic, straightforward approach is not for privacy freaks. In order to access your reading habits and data, Summify goes into your social networks and your Google life to pick and choose the stories that are popular among your friends and feeds.


Check out Summify video here:

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