Google Chrome Beta Now Supports C and C++

Google Chrome Beta now works in the Native Client also known as NaCl (Sodium Chloride), which includes the SDK for C / C + + features of the browser, since last year, and now the latest version of Google Chrome beta contains sodium chloride. NaCl using the API called “Pepper”, which offers links to HTML5 C and C + +. NaCl has a molecular formula of salt. Salt and pepper.
Google promised that, in future NaCl is available for other browsers as a plugin. This means that the cloud-based programs may be able to run code on a desktop level of sophistication, and Google Chrome OS will soon be able to run these types of program’s. This is a confusion of boundaries between the web / cloud and desktop applications.

According to Google’s announcement:

“Native Client allows C and C++ code to be seamlessly executed inside the browser with security restrictions similar to JavaScript. Native Client apps use Pepper, a set of interfaces that provide C and C++ bindings to the capabilities of HTML5. As a result, developers can now leverage their native code libraries and expertise to deliver portable, high performance web apps.”

Google also announced the audio on the website of the API, which provides advanced audio JavaScript. This will also break the barrier between what is and is not possible to do browser-based applications.

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