Google Launched Flight Schedule Search

Nodoubt Google is the master of all games and this time they have jumped into the travel game. Yes, Google has launched flight schedule search. On Friday of last week, the Internet search giant “Google” has launched its flight schedule search option, allowing travelers to get a list of flight options directly from the basic Google search box that we all know and love.

The new options were announced on Google’s Inside Search blog and in typical Google fashion, it couldn’t be any easier to use. Simply type in the search term “flights” followed by the city you’re flying from and the city you’re flying to. The search engine will go to work, and give you an option on the results page to view a schedule of flights. Clicking that link will display a drop down menu of the days and times for flights offered by the major carrier.

See Here, how it looks!!!

In their blog post, Google used the example of “Flights from San Francisco to Minneapolis,” and and you can see in the above provided link how the results are presented. The results are given in a neat, clean, no-frills fashion.

Above all, it is nice to have such a simple approach. Well, it looks like Google may likely refine this service over time, giving us more features and search tools in the future.

So, stay connected to us to have more updates.

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