Google Releases Music Web App for iPhone, iPad

Good news for the users of iPhone and iPad now you can listen your Google Music collection easily on your iPhone or iPad. Google announced this web app on Twitter. Initially it is only available for Windows, Mac and Android, an iOS version. . Users can use this app through their account to their collection in the comfort of a slick little web app without using the hacky methods.

It is notable that Google Music web app does not allow you to browse any catalogs of music or upload any music. It is only for listening Google music collection on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Through this app you can play music in the background. You can use the built-in music controls of your iOS device to control this app. You can browse songs by album, artist, playlist or genre. If you want to search your song’s library then use the search option and if you wanna see Google Music web app then simply go to from the Safari browser of your iOS device.

But for this entire first you have to upload your music library to the cloud from your computer. The app is great than your average Google app.

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