Google return Nexus 7 custoumers with “Price safety” in the Play Store

Google has launched a “Price Protection” type for devices in the Google Play Store. For those who are not retaining track at home the 16GB Nexus 7 was $249 and on October 29th Google released it would change the 8GB model and price only $199. I would be pretty disappointed if I just lately purchased the 16GB model, and a few days later it’s $50 less. So today they are good customers that they will return that funds.

“If we minimize the price of a product on Google Play, we’ll refund the variation in price if your buy occurred within 15 days of said price.

As you can see higher than, this is definitely targeted at all those 16GB Nexus 7 buys. If you purchased the Nexus 7 from Google on or after October 14th, you are qualified for a return of the difference in price. Most likely Basics, Office Store, and other retail stores offer anything similar and we would advise you give it a try.

If you are one of the many who bought the Nexus 7 16GB in that time frame, be sure to reach the source link below and follow the guidance and request a price protection refund. We have a sensation the Galaxy Nexus may be getting a price drop soon too, so this should also cover that should you run into the same situations. Enjoy the $50 return individuals!

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