Halloween Angry Bird Cheats And Tricks To Unlock Levels

Halloween Angry Bird is one of the most popular mobile phone game, since its latest version Halloween Special Edition of Angry Birds for iPhone is released. So today we decide to share Angry Bird cheats and tricks to unlock levels. Because some time people just stuck in the hard level and lose the interest in the game. Its look more funny to cheat in the game and unlock the game. Because we are playing game for fun and enjoyment. You may review of Games category to know more about games cheats and tricks.


Halloween Angry Bird cheats and tricks to unlock levels

Step 1: Go to World screen in Angry Bird.
Step 2: Now center a locked world on your screen.
Step 3: After doing above, just hit the back button until you exit Angry Bird Game.
Step 4: Load the backup of Angry Birds.
Step 5: When you see the ‘Play’ button, press the button repeatedly until the time you are not inside the locked world.

Now you done all the cheats and tricks in Angry Bird. You also unlocked all the levels. You go straight away by beating all the levels to advance next one. Enjoy the game and stay with us to get more cheats and tricks of new games.


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