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The next generation Google mobile operating system Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 has been officially named and will be available for the first time in the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This week has been introduced the third Google phone – the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. As you may know, Nexus phones are designed to provide clean Android experience, the software without any changes. They are used to introduce a new version of the Android operating system, but also offers top-class hardware along the way. All this is true for the Galaxy Nexus – the device comes preinstalled with what can be regarded as the greatest development of the OS so far in the ice cream sandwich while wearing a captivating HD Super AMOLED screen, powerful dual-core processor and what not. But anyway, some argue that not all the Galaxy Nexus is good in terms of material and design. Lets take a hands-on look of Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Nexus have been curious always. At least compared to the rest of the Android crop, the Nexus brand of equipment is to distinguish between them more accurate and to schedule. The same goes for the Samsung Nexus Galaxy, although to a lesser extent. Galaxy Nexus is certainly interesting in its front part is completely cleanand also maintains a unique form of curved glass Nexus S, but we are afraid that this is all there’s to it.

Overall, the Samsung Nexus Galaxy looks like an interesting smartphone, introduces us to the era of the ICS. We are very pleased all the technology that was carried out by its performance, such as Super AMOLED and software platform for high-definition news. However, it seems that there is much more than we could ask, at least in hardware. Otherwise, they prefer to wait for the chance to play with a final unit. At the moment we only know that Verizon probably will offer the device in the U.S., with LTE connectivity.The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is expected to hit the shelves in November. Click here for Complete Review of Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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