Horn Bike: the bike-mounted passive amplifier for iPhone 4

My favorite way to get around London is by bicycle. And everyone knows that the iPhone GPS is the best friend of the cyclist during navigation in the city. But the downside of cycling with the iPhone is the obvious: if it is held in the hand you are going to A.) ​​will eventually fall, or B) dropped the bike trying to catch the iPhone when it is released at the end. There, Bike Horn is in an all-silicon device, you can drive in style as if it was in 1899.

Bicycle Horn is versatile. Its main feature is that you can mount the iPhone on your bike and amplified speakers for your iPhone about 13 dB, allowing the headphones to ride (a bike with headphones on the ears in London – and most other places you is arrested by the RCMP).

Yes, the horn looks really retro, but the design of structures. Unlike other cyclists and editing systems, the firing has no moving parts, no electronics and no power required. If dirty, go under water for cleaning. Best of all, because the bike uses a phonograph horn-like passive amplification system, the amplified sound comes to you and not blowing in the ears of other pedestrians.

But music is not why I’m excited to bike Horn. I’m excited about it because it will be riding with my iPhone and use it for navigation much easier because I will be able to hear Siri while I’m cruising on Regent Street. Bicycle Horn is available in several retail stores in the U.S., Asia and Europe and is also available on Fruitshop.com. It comes in white, black or blue and costs U.S. $29.99.

via: TUAW]

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