How To Create A New Partition in Windows 7 Qick Guide

Today I am going to demonstrate a quick and easy guide to create a new partition in Windows 7 Home Premium edition. Just like Widows Vista, Windows 7 has built in disk management Program to create new pertiosion to shrink and expand partitionsor volume in hard drive. As we experienced that many people like to creat a pertision in hard drive due to one or other reasons. Accordint to your views creating a pertision in hard drive is really helpfull to manage your data and it is also helpfull to secure data from losing. It is also helpful for those who want to boot from different OS etc.

Now I am straight away going to demonstrate you how to create a new partition in Windows 7. Follow the below quick and easy step by step guide to successfully create new partition.

Step By Step Guide to Create Partition for Free in Windows 7:

Step 1: Go to Start Menu –> Right Click to My Computer –> and then Click Manage.

Step 2: This will be brought to the Computer Management Program.

Step 3: Now click on the Storage that is located in left menu and then under it click on Disk Management.

Step 4: After that select the Drive that you want to partition, in this example I will select the “New Volume E:”.

Step 5: Now right click on the drive that you want to shrink and then select Shrink Volume.

Step 6: After that a popup window open which shows the size of hard drive and total amount available space to shrink. Inter the amount to that you want to shrink or create partition (the amount or size you inter is the size of new partition). Keep in mind that approx. 1000Mb = 1GB.

Step 7: Once you entered your values, click Shrink, it will take few minuted depeding on the size of the drive and amount to shrink. So be patient and once it’s done you will see an unallocated space in the below disk details. Now select it and right click and then select New Simple Volume.

Step 8: Follow the wizard screeen instructions and fill the size of partition.

Step 9: And now in finnal format page, Ensure that NTFS is selected and then enter you desired name of your Drive.

Congratulation finnaly you have created a new partetion in your Windows 7 hard drive. Go to My Computer and check the new pertition is created.

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