How To Create Android Transparent Sense 3 Theme Rosie Nav-bar [Guide]

In this tutorial we will guide you how to create Android transparent Sense 3 Rosie nav-bar theme. People usually ask this question but didn’t get full comprehensive guide of creating Android skin. We here step by step guide with screenshots that how do i create customized theme for my Android phone. Here you need to download theme creating software after that you need to set customize setting to successfully create semi-transparent rosie navebar skin. Now follow the below step by step guide to create theme for your Android devices.

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How to Create Android Theme [Guide] :

First of all you need to download newly released Mode 10 tool from here.

After downloading m10 tool, extract them of your computer and launch m10 editor.

Once done open up Rosie .apk file in the editor by selecting load file and browse to the file where its save on your computer. You can download Rosie .apk file from here.

Once Roise .apk file is decompiled navigate to m10 Files and select Rosie_Workspace.m10 and decompile it.

As you can see in the below screenshot.


Expand the lines like this, look for btn.navbtn_side_anim-Centre, btn.navbtn_side_anim-Left and btn.navbtn_side_anim-Right change these opacity values from 1 to 0.75. As you can see in the below screenshot.

m10_2 m10_2 (1)

Now look for 2 navbar.png and change them from 1 to 0.5. Checkout the below screenshot.

m10_4 m10_5

Now navigate back to stat menu and click save to save new theme on PC.

Move this new theme file on your Android device and see how its looks.

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