How To Export PDF File To Microsoft Word Document File

Today we will guide you how to export Portable Document Format (PDF) to Microsoft Word Document. It’s as simple to export PDF file to MS Doc file. There are many cheap PDF Editor out there which claims that they can convert PDF to MS Doc but they lose the quality in conversion process. Classic PDF Editor is the software which can convert any type of document to PDF and vice versa. By using Classic PDF Editor you can create, view and edit any PDF file. You can also convert Microsoft Doc, XLS or PPT files to PDF files and convert PDF files to Doc or Image file. In this tutorial we guide you how do I export PDF files to MS Doc files. Follow the below step by step guide to successfully converts PDF to Doc.

Step by Step Guide to Export PDF to MS Doc:

Step 1:

Download Classic PDF Editor by visiting or directly download Classic PDF Editor Setup .exe from here.

Step 2:

Follow the screen instruction to download and install Classic PDF Editor on your PC.

Step 3:

Once installation complete, Classic PDF Editor Icon is appear on your desktop screen as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 4:

Double click on the icon of Classic PDF to run the Classic PDF on your computer. Now simple go to the menu bar of Classic PDF Editor and click “Open” to open the PDF File which you want to Export to MS Doc. Select the PDF file and hit open, as you can see in the below screenshot.


Step 5:

At this point all you have to do click the “Convert Tab” and then in Export menu click “PDF To Doc”. It will take few second to export PDF to MS Doc, depending on the file size.

When the conversion process is complete, PDF file is automatically open in Microsoft Word Document. As you can see in the below screenshot.

After reading this tutorial you will understand how easy it is to export PDF files to Microsoft Word files. Every type of PDF conversion and editing is possible because of Classic PDF Editor. It is also one of the cheap price software as compared to Adobe Acrobat X Pro with same functionality. The bottom line is Classic PDF Editor is the ultimate solution for PDF conversion and editing. To read more have look to PDF to word converter.

You may checkout the video tutorial to Convert PDF to Doc:

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    The bottom line is Classic PDF Editor is the ultimate solution for PDF conversion and editing.

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