How to Jailbreak and Unlock Windows Phone 7 using Chevron WP7

Jailbreak and unlock for Windows phone 7 has been launched. We here step by step guide how to Jailbreak and Unlock Windows Phone 7 using Chevron WP7. This jailbreak named as Chevron WP7. The developers of this first ever jailbreak of Windows phone 7 are Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng and Chris Walsh. Below is the note we get from official site.

Today we have an exciting breakthrough for the Windows Phone 7 homebrew community – the ability for anyone to unlock a WP7 device without a Marketplace developer account.

Unlocking allows the sideloading of experimental applications that would otherwise can’t be published to the Marketplace, such as those which access private or native APIs.


Step by step guide Jailbreak and Unlock Windows Phone 7 using Chevron WP7

First of all we here mention that if you want to jailbreak and unlock your Windows Phone 7 using Chevron WP7 then do at own risk as unlock may void warranty, disable phone function or interrupt access to Windows Phone 7 services. So do at own risk.

Step 1:
Free download Zune desktop software
First of all you need latest version of Zune desktop software to jailbreak and unlock your Windows Phone 7. You can download Zune desktop software from the link below. After downloading install the Zune desktop software.
Free download Zune desktop software.

Step 2:
Download Windows Phone SDK
After successfully installing Zune in your Windows you need to download and install latest version of Windows Phone SDK or its alternative download registry key and run it on your Windows with administrative access.This key will automatically add the following entry in the registry


Download Windows Phone SDK latest version.

Download the Registry Key.

Step 3:

Now the most important thing start, connect your Windows phone 7 with your PC via USB cable.windows_phone_7_usbcable


Run Zune software on your PC and sync your device on it. Make sure that your device is “Full sync” with the Zune not on “Guest” relationship.

Step 5:
Free download ChervonWP7 and run.

Step 6:

Before unlocking make it sure that your device is not locked with any PIN.

Step 7:

Check the “Ensure your phone isn’t PIN-locked” and “Install certificate on phone using Internet Explorer at” and simple click on “Unlock’ button.chevronwp7-unlock

That’s it. Hope you follow all the above steps carefully and unlocked the Windows Phone 7 successfully. Now you can install any 3rd party app on you Windows Phone 7 and enjoy the taste of freedom without have Marketplace developer’s account.

The best thing is about this jailbreak and unlock is that you can totally reverse all the process that you have done in jail-breaking and unlocking. All you have to do is that connect your phone with your PC again and run ChevronWP7, here you find a “Relock button”, just click on that to reverse back your phone in original state. Keep in touch and get more free about Windows Phone 7. Must share it with your friends. We are waiting for your feedback to post more thing related to free Windows Phone 7.

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    En you can’t sideload apps no more microsoft blocked it what wp7 need is a Cydia type app for apps my wp7 unlocked but it doesn’t come with any Cydia type app

  3. 4

    So where do we download the free apps after we have unlock it?

    For iphone, afterjailbreak, Cydia is being installed and thats where we go to download the free apss. How about WP7? Does it works the same?

    • 5

      Good point dear @Chaos. We are also searching free apps for WP7. Although some free apps are available at Marketplace but we are searching for more WP7 free apps. When we get WP7 apps, we publish on as soon as possible. Keep in touch and Subscribe us to get automatic updates.

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