How To Run Windows Phone 7 And Android From Same SD Card

Great news for all those who want to use Windows Phone 7 and Android at the same time. All you have to do keep WP 7 in Nand and run android from the same SD card or another SD card. You will have to swap when you want to run android from SD card. Because you can’t run Windows Phone 7 and Android from Nand at the same time.

How to Create SD card Partition for Dual Boot of WP 7 and Android

Here we guide you how to create SD card partition for the Dual Boot of Windows Phone 7 and Android. Windows Phone 7 have unique format for its SD card. So you can’t simple copy and paste Android on its partition. Windows Phone 7 creates a by default fat32 partition of 200 MB which is too small to install an Android. So we use the below method to create the partitions.

Step by step guide to create SD card partition to run WP 7 and Android

We need:

  1. We need two SD cards a large one and small one. In tutorial we use 8GB and 16GB SD cards. The 16GB SD card is our permanent SD card and the small one enable us to get a small partition to run wp7.
  2. We need to use SD card partition software to create partition. Free download SD card partition software from here.


  1. Download and install SD card partition software.
  2. Put the small SD card in your phone. Flash the WP7 ROM using Magldr 1.1.2. Restart your phone and start WP7. Now WP7 allow you to format your small SD card with its partition.
  3. Switch off your phone and remove the small SD card of 8GB.
  4. Connect your both memory card to your PC via SD card reader.
  5. Run the SD card partition manager. Now you see both the 8GB and 16GB SD cards. There are two partitions on your small SD card. A fat 16 partition of 200MB and the other partition of unformatted which is the rest of the smaller SD. You can also see in the below snapshot.
  6. You need to delete the partition of your large SD card. To delete the partition, select the partition and right click delete and click to apply.
  7. Copy and resize the fat16 partition of your smaller sd card to your larger sd card. To do this, select the partition on your smaller sd card, right click (or use the menu) and select copy and follow the onscreen wizard to copy. You can change it to fat32 as well. When resizing, you need to do some math. Take the size of your larger sd card and subtract the size of the “unformatted” partition of on your smaller sd card and set this value as the resize value for the fat16 partition that you are copying. In other words, if the unformatted partition is 8gh and you are setting things up on a 16gb sd card then set the resize value to approx. 8gb. Click “apply”8. Using same procedure as outlined in 7, copy the “unformatted” partition from your smaller sd card to the larger sd card. Click “apply”.NEW STEP: Before copying your android build and while still in windows format the fat 32 partition using 32 or 64 kb sectors USE WINDOWS EXPLORER OR MY COMPUTER TO FORMAT. This should help with speed. I used 64 kb sectors. I am using the desire_Z build in this post and set up everything in the desire_z folder9. Copy your android sd build onto the fat32 partition. IMPORTANT – Do not use usb mass storage as there is some data corruption problems. Remove your sd card to copy (see below and thread for list of working builds – IMPORTANT you need to have a modified rootfs.img file where nand_init was added to init.rc and you need to copy and replace the existing rootfs.img file of the sd build else it won’t work)10. Remove the larger sd card and insert it into your phone.

    11. Reboot the phone and hold the “red end key” to enter the magldr boot menu.

    12. In Magldr 1.1.2 use volume down to go to “9. Services” and click “green phone button” to select.

    13. Use volume buttons to select “1. Bootsettings” and click “green phone button” to select.

    14. Use volume buttons to select “2. Always Menu” and click “green phone button” to select. This will give you the Madldr menu on phone startup to allow you to choose wp7 or sd android as your boot choice.

    15. Click the “green phone button” to confirm.

    16. Once you’ve done steps 12 to 15 you will be brought back to the initial magldr 1.1.2 menu.

    17. Again, use volume down to go to “9. Services” and click “green phone button” to select.

    18. Use volume buttons to select “1. Bootsettings” and click “green phone button” to select.

    19. Use volume buttons to select “3. AD SD Dir” and click “green phone button” to select.

    20. Select the folder where your sd android build is located.

    21. Reset your phone and enter Magldr 1.1.2.

    22. To boot into wp7 select boot “1. Boot WPH” or to boot sd android select “2. Boot SD AD”

    23. Booting into android sd is long. Guess having android nand has spoiled us.

WARNING: Do at your own risk.

You can follow the active thread in XDA forum on this topic to get more information and support. Don’t forget to checkout the Android gallery to get Andriod free apps and much more.


Video guide of how to Dual Boot Windows Phone 7 and Android on HTC HD2

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