How To Take Screenshots on Xoom Tablet [Guide]

Today we have quick guide of how to take screenshots on Motorola Xoom Tablet. There is no any key feature of taking screenshot in Xoom tablet. You need to install some files on your Xoom tablet to take screenshots. Its very easy and simple just follow the below step by step guide. Firs of all you have need to download and install Android SDK on your computer from here. If you don’t have Java Development Kit on you computer. You install Java Development Kit on your PC from here. You must need these to software’s to take screenshots. Now follow the below guide.

Guide To Take Screenshots on Xoom Tablet:

Now run the ddms.bat file from your Android SDK tools folder in a CMD windows to check the errors. You just need to double click the file, if the new application window open than its working fine and if not open there may be an error. So you need to debug an error.

To debug the Xoom, you need to go in debug mode under Settings > Applications > Develoment. When you successfully launch ddms.bat file and a window will launch, you need to select your device from the list and choose Devices > Screen Capture. And that’s all. Hope you got all the steps to take screenshots on Motorola Xoom Tablet.


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