How To Turn Motorola Xoom Tablet into WiFi Hotspot [Guide]

Today we will guide you how to turn your Motorola XOOM Tablet into WiFi Hotspot. By enabling WiFi hotspot to your device you can provide portable convenient internet access to other Wi-Fi enabled devices. You must safe your WiFi tethering with password protection other vize hacker can hack your WiFi network. So i will recommend you to set up hotspot security with password protection. Follow the bellow step by step guide to turn Motorola Xoom Tablet into WiFi hotspot.

Setting Instructions to enable Motorola Xoom to WiFi Hotspot :

Follow all the steps carefully to turn Xoom tablet into WiFi hotspot.

  1. First Turn off your WiFi:
  2. To turn off WiFi: Touch Apps > Setting > Wireless & networks > WiFi.
  3. Then turn ON hotspot:
  4. To turn ON hostpost: Touch Apps > Setting > Wireless & networks > Tethering & portable hotspot > Wi-Fi hotspot.
  5. Now configure your hotspot security.
  6. Touch Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings > Network SSID.
  7. Type your hotspot name as Network SSID and touch Next.
  8. There are two security options: Open and WPA2 PSK. WPA2 is the most secure and users only access the WiFi hotspot with the correc password. If you choose WPA2 PSK, you can set up a unique password.
  9. Touch Save to complete the settings.

Other users can access your Wi-Fi hotspot only if they have the correct password or if you have the security set to Open.

After enabling above setting your WiFi hotspot is ready for tethering.


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