How to unlock iOS 4.2.1 by using UltrasnOw 1.2

As we already revealed the promise of Dev Team that UltrasnOw is coming on this Sunday. They do exactly what they said and we do what we said, that as soon as possible we publish updated version of UltrasnOw. The latest updated version of UltrasnOw unlock iOS 4.2.1 and 4.1 on iPhone 3GS or 3G devices. This version break all the baseband later then 05.13.04. As we all ready know that iPhone 4 update on baseband and no one still unlock this tool. We are waiting for good news for iPhone 4 unlock from Dev Team.

Step by step guide how to unlock iOS 4.2.1 by using UltrasnOw 1.2

Step 1:
To unlock iPhone first of all you must jailbroken on 4.1 or 4.2.1 iOS with baseband app 06.15.00.

Step 2:
After the jailbreaking you are know able to unlock your phone on any baseband with the help of UltrasnOw 1.2. To unlock your iPhone follow the below simple steps to unlock your iPhone.

  • Star Cydia app and then click on the “Manager” button which is on the below left.
  • Cick on the “Sources” button and then click edit to add “” and then click add. As shown below in screen shots.


  • Now search for “Ultrasn0w 1.2” and click on install.


Your iPhone reboot automatically after the installation of UltrasnOw. Now your iPhone breaks tha barriers of all carriers. Keep in touch and up to date yourself with latest technology up dates. If you didn’t jailbreak your iPhone with PwnageTool stay with us our next post is about PwnageTool jailbreak.

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  1. 1


    I have iPhone 3G with iOS 4.1 and baseband 5.14.2. Like others, i was also eagerly waiting for this day to unlock my iPhone. I tried to unlock my iPhone with the ultrasnow 1.2 but not succeeded.

    As mentioned in the “description” on the ultrasnow 1.2, Will it unlock only those baseband listed (5.11.07, 5.12.01, 5.13.04 and 6.15.00) ???

    Did anyone tried and get success to unlock iPhone 3G with basebadn 5.14.02 with ultrasnOw 1.2?

  2. 2

    I had the same problem. My iPhone 3G’s base band was 5.14.02. I had to use Redsnow to install iPad base band 6.15. Ultrasnow 1.2 successfully unlocked my iPhone only after the base band was changed to 6.15.

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