How to view, edit and delete Google Chrome Cookie

Before i explain you how to view, edit and delete cookie, i would like to explain you what is cookie ? Cookie are a piece of text stored on the user’s PC by their web browsers. Almost all web browsers automatically store cookie to make everything much easier for users. Along with so many benefits cookie can also harmful for users. So every internet user must be well aware of the benefits and worst effects of cookie that how can on user use a cookies against other user.

Study said that now a days most of the users and developers use Google Chrome as their default browser. So today i will share with you how to view, edit and remove cookie from your Google Chrome browser. There are many ways to view and remove cookies from Google Chrome. First we use default Chrome option to view and remove cookies from Chrome. Follow the below steps to view and remove cookies from Chrome.

Default Chrome option to view and remove cookies:

1. Open Google Chrome browser and click wrench icon at the top right side and scrawl down click “option” to open Google Chrome dialog box. As shown in the below screen shot.


2. Click Under the Hood tab on Google Chrome options box. Then click Content Settings button under Privacy option.


3. In the Content Settings box, click Cookies option on the left bar.


4. To view Cookies, click Show Cookies and other site data button.

5. Then you can view cookies of individual websites. You can search for specific cookies using search box at the top.


6. To delete cookies from your browser, select the specific cookie and then click Remove button at the bottom. You also have option to remove all cookies from your browser by clicking Remove all button at the bottom of the dialog box.

How to view, edit and delete cookies using Chrome Cookies view:

If the Google Chrome default feature didn’t works, you may try Google Chrome View portable application to view, edit and delete cookies. Follow the below steps to use Google Chrome view.

1. First of all download Google Chrome view zip file and than install on your PC.

2. Double click on the Chrome cookies view icon to launch the utility app.


3. The application automatically shows cookies stored by Google Chrome browser on your PC.

4. In the view tab you can select specific cookie and right click to save, copy or delete it. The best part of this application is that you can also make a text/csv/html/xml cookie report.

You can also see the following list of information against each cookie.

  • Host
  • Name
  • Value
  • Secure (Yes/No)
  • Path
  • HTTP only cookie (Yes/No)
  • Creation Time
  • Last access time
  • Expiration Time

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