HTC Media link ROM Update How to Guide

As HTC is promise to provide its customer with the best possible mobile experience, recently HTC official released HTC Media Link ROM update. This ROM update is for HTC Sensation European customers. HTC Media link is a DLNA wireless HDMI media receiver which is compatible with HTC Desire Z, Desire HD and know also compatible with HTC Sensational. Media link acts as a wireless hotspot that can be connected to HDMI supported televisions. When you connoted your device to the medial link unit via Wi-Fi, you are able to stream video, images and music to your television set.

You can stream video, images and music to the PC that is running Windows 7 via Media link DLNA support.

How to Install Media Link ROM Update:

  1. First of all you need to download medial link updated version from here.
  2. Now press power bottom (flash green and red LED) + plug in AC > device will enter to flash boot mode.
  3. Once you successfully interred in flash boot mode, now run RUU on PC with USB connected via Tube.


* The USB sync cable is connected to your device and PC.

* The update will take up to 3 minutes, DO NOT interrupt the update process, disconnect the device from the PC, or press any buttons until the process has been completed.

Once the RUU is downloaded, launch the application on your PC and follow the instructions.

* Click View Read me when executing the ROM Upgrade Utility (RUU) to view detailed upgrade procedure, error message information or Q&A.

Hope you followed all the steps and successfully updated Medial Link on your device, enjoy. Have a good day.

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