JetPack Rom for Samsung Galaxy S, Free Download

Jetpack ROM is the best ever ROM for Samsung Galaxy S. Most of ROMs for Samsung are made with multiple packages which are wipe and non-wipe editions.

So we have an application for those users who want more than these multiple packages. Jetpack ROM Tool with the features like wipe, non-wipe status, kernel, modem, themes etc.

Instead of doing all different zip files, It will be stored in the user Jetpack ROM and installed the ROM i.e (WIPE selected state, Kernel, Modem, theme) automatically.

Jetpack ROM will be good for me and users. Jetpack ROM tool will save some of my work.

Another advantage is that users must download a ROM Jetpack (everything is just a Little bit larger than the current one, but that is acceptable), and ways to change ROM to install the tool.

How to use?

  • Installing the program
  • Launch
  • Customize your needs
  • Open Settings – Save
  • Exit
  • Go to the recovery
  • Jet-pack Flash
  • Scripts will do the job.

Download Samsung Galaxy S JetPack ROM Tool Free From Here

Featured Apps

Google+, Nitrality, Titanium Backup, Android Optimizer, Market update


JVR is based on the multi-ROM with your modem (instrument Jetpack ROM), Deodexed, Zip aligned and pre-Rooted, MultiCSC ROM, Init.d scripts support (settings and corrections), TalonDev Kernel, Voodoo’s V10 (Voodoo Control App included), Busybox, CWM 3 Compatible, APN large enough list (soon).


  • TouchWiz 4.5 (modded by fr4gg0r)
  • 9 Lock-screens EDT with the application
  • Menu extended power, the battery%
  • A simple but beautiful theme (Stock with corrections)
  • CRT Off Animations
  • Scroll over Blue Glow
  • SGS2 Lock-screen
  • SGS2 applications and widgets

F E A T U R E S:

  1. SIP
  2. 3D Blur Fix
  3. Fix browser JVQ
  4. App widget picker
  5. GTalk 1.3 (video chat)
  6. Hacked camera application
  7. Repair sensor Auto-brightness
  8. Ad Free – Update the hosts file
  9. Increase WiFi scan interval (100 seconds)
  10. Mms.apk correct (no limit contact, not to convert Auto, time sent)

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