Learn how to write ABC and 123 for toddlers


We all know how vitally important is to learn the toddlers to count and acknowledge the alphabet. As there are many apps for this purpose, the ones that are most easy to use, kid friendly and joyful are the ones that are the best for our children. Learn how to write is an Android app that ranks pretty high among all of these apps because of its great and well-thought gameplay, content, colors and graphical interface. Kids love it and they get it really fast.
It is ideally fun activity for preschoolers. It enables them to learn the shapes and letters through the sounds. Also, there are counting sounds that will also help your kids to learn how to count.
The game features 26 different letters and 52 shapes. Because the alphabets is in sounds and shapes, kids learn the alphabet much easier. On top of that there is play and replay button that will help them to replay the sound each time they want to replay it.
Besides all of these, you will be able to teach them to write the letters. That is basically the second step after you learn the alphabet. All kids have to do is trace the dotted line and follow the directions. It is a super easy way for children to understand and learn the letters.

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The app doesn’t end here. Your kids can also trace numbers and learn them really fast and effectively. It works in the same way as the letters. Kids love that kind of tasks when they just need to follow and accomplish something.
The app is free and generally it represents a great Android tool that can also act like a great source for mixing up effective education for toddlers and entertainment. Learn How To Write is a highly entertaining, kid friendly and effective way of learning how the alphabet and counting. Free download how to learn ABC 


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