List Of 32 Apps Optimized For Retina Display Of iPad 3

iPad 3 is now out in the market. Those who have older versions of iPad i.e. iPad 1 or iPad 2 should know that the major difference between this iPad and the previous versions is the amazing Retina Display of the iPad 3. So, this Retina Display the difference between apps on iPad 2 and the iPad 3. If it is or it is not? Here is a good news from Apple, Apple has launched a special category of apps which will have new apps specially optimized for the Retina Display of the iPad. This special category is called “Great Apps for the iPad 3”.

Currently, only 32 apps are added in the App Store but developers are adding more apps so don’t forget to download the Retina Display compatible apps optimized for iPad 3. Here’s the list of all the famous 32 apps released on App Store:

# Barefoot World Atlas

# Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

# Tweetbot

# Flight Control Rocket

# Solar Walk – Solar System 3D Model

# Touchgrind BMX

# New York Times for iPad

# Another Monster at the End of This Book

# Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nations

# Readability

# Sketchbook Pro for iPad

# Infinity Blade 2

# Stock Touch

# The Daily

# Mass Effect Infiltrator

# Martha Stewart Cookies

# The Early Edition 2

# Real Racing 2 HD

# Reeder for iPad

# Evernote

# Day One (Journal Diary)

# Order & Chaos Online

# MLS MatchDay 2012

# Incredibooth

# Joining Hands

# ABC Player

#Star Walk for iPad

# Diamond Dash

# iStopMotion for iPad

# Labyrinth 2 HD

# Calcbot

# Foosball HD

So, if you have got iPad 3, don’t forget to check out the special apps for your Resolutionary iPad. Do check these amazing 32 apps and let us know how you find them.

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