Little DetectivesK iPhone Game

Little DetectivesK is an attractive and the most astonishing learning game for the kids that’s is published by PUBLSTUDIO INC.   Little DetectivesK is an educational game that is developed especially for the kids to increase their learning capability. Little DetectivesK  basically revolves around the three characters Jina, Kyle, and Noah that have their detective group. They have to solve the  different levels , missions.

Little DetectivesK iPhone Game:

Playing Little DetectivesK  is the great way of entertainment for your kid, he can play and learn in the same time. There are different levels in this game, while completing the mission there are many tasks on the way. There are many puzzle games, clue tasks , and other maps puzzle that kids have to solve in order to accomplish mystery. There are so many other solving games in the Little DetectivesK.This app is the great way of increasing the intelligence level of the kids. The well designed graphics and the attractive sounds play of the Little DetectivesK is the main reason of grabbing the attention of the kids. Little DetectivesK  has different sets of the puzzles that’s helps to increase the thinking level of your kids. While completing the mission kids have to find the clues in order to solve the puzzles and find the maps to progress the level.  So from nowonwards ask your child to play Little DetectivesK in their free time so they can keep themselves busy in some good activity in which they can learn, enjoy and refresh their minds.

Little DetectivesK is available on the App Store. This app is designed for iPhone and iPad both.  The great news is this amazing app is available for free download. So what are you waiting for, download it now for your kids and increase their intelligence level, you will see notable difference in the educational progress of your child, because if their intelligence level is increased they can also show better performance in their class result.

You can free download Little DetectivesK iOS Game from Apple App Store here.

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