Low Carb Diet Assistant App Makes Low Carb Dieting More Manageable

Did you know that your iPhone can assist you in your diet? Dieting is something that many of us seem to spend most of our lives doing, and this is because we either fail to find the right diet to suit our bodies and needs or we simply find the diet too difficult and time consuming to continue with and give up part way through only to start all over again after a bout of guilt.

There are many type of diets around these days, and different diets will suit different needs, bodies, and tastes. The low carb diet is one eating plan that has enjoyed rising popularity over recent years, and those committed to weight loss have managed to lose weight successfully thanks to this type of diet. The Low Carb Diet Assistant is an app that is especially designed for those that want to lose weight by low carb dieting, and it can make the whole process far more manageable, less time consuming, and potentially more successful.

What Are the Features of the Low Carb Diet Assistant?

The Low Carb Diet Assistant is packed with features that are not only well suited to those trying to lose weight on a low carb diet but also for those that are dealing with diabetes. There are a number of low carb diets out there are the moment, such as the Atkin’s Diet, the South Beach Diet, the Zone Diet, and Medifast diet, and this weight loss app is an ideal companion for those on any of these diets.

Some of the features that you will find with the Low Carb Diet Assistant include:

·    Daily info for a wide range of nutrients including carbs, protein, sugar, calories, and fat
·    Daily weight and water tracking features
·    Charts that provide nutritional breakdowns
·    Facilities for quickly and easily checking your BMI
·    Full screen graphs for water, daily weight, and carbs
·    User defined reports to keep you on track
·    Information on well over 100,000 food items and over 400 restaurants
·    Ability to set a daily net carbs allocation and water allocation
·    Ability to set a weight goal

These features will make it easier and more convenient to continue with a low carb diet, and will take the hassle out of managing your low carb diet, which will boost the chances of your diet being a success.

More Valuable Benefits of the Low Carb Diet Assistant

This weight loss app has plenty of other benefits that will make weight loss far easier and more manageable for those on low carb diets. Some of the additional benefits you can enjoy include:
·    Being able to search, add to, and customise the food database
·    Being able to check all nutritional information for any food items
·    Ability to view net carb count on a daily basis
·    Being able to view nutritional reports at periods that you can set yourself
·    Ability to view weight for all days on a graph

You customise, change, and delete information using this app, so it will be completely tailored to your needs. Low carb dieting has never been easier to cope with, more manageable, and more successful thanks to the Low Carb Diet Assistant. The Low Carb Diet Assistant is available from iTunes and from the Apple App Store.


Low carb dieting may not be for everyone, but it can really suit some people. I think this application is wonderful because it makes what could be a difficult diet to cope with into a far more manageable one, which means that you are more likely to stick to your diet and shed the excess weight. You will find that the app is easy to use and customize, so you can make changes until the set up is optimized for your needs, and you can take a lot of the inconvenience and hassle out of your low carb diet at the touch of a screen.

Guest author Matthew is a biology scientist and an iPod touch owner who enjoys reviewing and writing about popular health-related applications for Smart phones . His articles range  from technology and fitness  to how to get Medifast coupons online.

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