Mass Effect 3 Video trailer released confirmed at christmas 2011

The Mass Effect 3 video trailer has been released at the Video Game Awards. The trailer started with an amazing tag line “2 million people dead by the first day. Another 7 million people by the end of the first week“. Its horrible. This trailer shows the shocking images of our planet.The Reapers are coming from beyond the known realms of space, and it’s up to you to unite all civilizations for one final confrontation. At the end of this trailer we can see the London City and a sniper is hiding in the Big Ben tower. While commander Shepard is looking over on the orbit.

Unfortunately no one know the official release date of Mass Effect 3 but we are hopping it will be released at Christmas 2011. The game is revealed on EA store, so according to our speculation Mass effect 3 is available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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